Airport Madness: Time Machine



1) This update may delete your game progress. Should you need to unlock your completed years and achievements, click the HELP button inside the game. We have added a new UNLOCK TOOL that allows you to set prior unlocks and achievements.

2) To update your game to the latest version, please contact us for the game download, and OVERWRITE the original file, and .

3) Some PC users may encounter an installation error. If this occurs, delete the original installation first, then install. Failing that, please submit a support request for an alternate installation file.

Version 1.11 - Released July 5, 2013

  • Resolved 1.10 issue: Airplanes that float over runway and taxiways.

Version 1.10 - Released July 3, 2013

  • Added more music tracks, for each era;
  • Added 'unlock' feature for those who lose their game progress (unlocks specific years and achievements);
  • Eliminated aircraft stopping in mid-air;
  • Reduced/Eliminated apron jam-ups at bottom right apron in 1960's;
  • Shortened duration of early levels;
  • Arriving aircraft appear sooner;
  • Traffic 'tapers off' at level endings;
  • Fixed departure vs. departure crashes in 2100's;
  • 2172 is now easier;
  • Eliminated arrival vs. arrival crash at bottom right in 2100's.

Version 1.03 - Released June 13, 2013

  • Changed info bubble design - less interference with game
  • 2169 conflict between arrivals removed
  • Rogue taxiing aircraft eliminated
  • Popups not closing - resolved
  • Fixed 'jumping' shadows
  • DC3 speed reduced
  • Volts/amps incorrect labelling
  • DC3 sound changed
  • 1930's apron jam-ups reduced/eliminated
  • Resolved issue with construction vehicles covering aircraft
  • High score board fitted to screen
  • Increased 'expedite' speed by 20%

Version 1.02 - Released June 3, 2013

  • 1802-1807: fixed zeppelins that wouldn't dock, and helis that wouldn't takeoff
  • 1955+ Spaced apron parking spots farther apart
  • Fixed other minor bugs
  • 1802-7: Fixed zeppelins that don't dock, and helis that don't take off;
  • 1955+: Apron parking spots spaced farther apart (less traffic 'log jams');

Version 1.01 - Released May 31, 2013

  • The year 1803 was not accessible
  • There were 'jet' sounds in 1802
  • Frozen 'game over' windows
  • Reduced apron jams
  • Unsubmittable scores in certain years

Version 1.00 - Released May 31, 2013

  • Release Build