Airport Madness 2


Clicking on an aircraft will bring up its' control panel. If you find that after time your wrist starts to hurt from all the clicking, there are three keyboard hotkeys that will make your Airport Madness experience much more fulfilling. After selecting an aircraft use keys 1, 2 and 3 to select commands from the control panel.


Arrivals will land themselves without any input from you, and can also be slowed down, or even "pulled up" if the spacing between other aircraft is too close or if a collision is imminent. After an aircraft lands, it stops before crossing other runways until you give permission to cross.


Departures will wait patiently at the gate for you to give them a "taxi clearance". Once they have their taxi clearance, they will taxi and stop at the edge of their departure runway until you give them a takeoff clearance.


Your starting salary is $30,000 and your wages increase based on your efficiency. Don't let the aircraft wait! As they sit on the taxiway waiting, you lose money. Every aircraft begins with a bonus value of approximately $2000, which slowly erodes as the clock ticks. If you delay them too much, their bonus will become 0. The bonuses get added to your salary as departing aircraft commence takeoff, and as arriving aircraft reach their gate.


Crashes will cost you $10,000. When you have a crash, the level gets reset and your score goes back to where it was at the beginning of that level, minus $10000. Have three crashes and your game is over. You're washed up! Finished.


Don't let aircraft sit. Keep them moving. There will always be airplanes waiting at the gate, waiting for a takeoff clearance, or waiting to cross a runway.

Don't push it. If you don't think there will be enough time to squeeze out an airplane, let him sit.

"Line up" an aircraft on the runway before giving them a takeoff clearance. This gives you the ability to run planes even tighter so that you can score an even larger salary.

If a collision is imminent, "pull up" the arriving aircraft. They will climb straight ahead. You will lose $1000 for each "pull up", but it's worth it if it prevents disaster.

SPECIAL THANKS Andrew Potterton for his music. you for supporting my efforts by purchasing the full version.

The full version of Airport Madness 2 offers more airports, more levels, including a "continuous-play" option where you can select your airport, your air traffic level, and your time of day. Here is what else the full version offers: