Airport Madness 2

Build 1.8 - October 15, 2009

  • Overlapping control panels
  • Faulty landing lights
  • Weather covers control panel and game info panel
  • Departing aircraft occasionally would not stop for runway 09L
  • Intensity setting did not work (full version)

Build 1.7 -

  • No final score displayed
  • Aircraft can no longer "go around" after touchdown
  • Issues caused by combined use of keyboard / mouse
  • Weather activity adjusted to not obscure info panel
  • "Double control panel" issue reduced / eliminated

Build 1.6 -

  • Keyboard shortcuts added
  • Aircraft hidden by cloud can now be selected
  • Certain aircraft would not hold short 09L
  • Instructions explain scoring more thoroughly.

Build 1.5 -

  • When mute feature selected, levels do not reset after collisions
  • Pause feature affects scoring

Build 1.4 -

  • Option to turn off sounds and music
  • Runway 09L departures occasionally would not stop at runway
  • Elimination of repeat flights on busier levels, causing collisions at end of runway
  • Minor spelling and runway marking errors

Build 1.3 -

  • Levels end while game is paused
  • No option to cross 36R with certain aircraft
  • Off-screen collisions
  • Incorrect threshold markings on night levels

Build 1.2 -

  • Parking errors at east terminal building (full version, airport two)
  • Reduced size of clouds to make game play easier
  • Aircraft requesting taxi for runway 09L occasionally do not respond to taxi commands
  • Changed "Requesting Taxi" symbol for clarification

Build 1.1 -

  • Strange aircraft behavior after restarting game