Airport Madness 4

Build: 1.40 Released November 8, 2012

  • Added 'smog' effect to level 2;
  • Added 'flood' effect to level 3;
  • Added sandstorm to level 4;
  • Added runway closures due to snow removal on level 6;
  • Added missile testing to level 4;
  • Reduced likelihood of apron 'traffic jams' on all levels;
  • Confirmed proper operation of Shuttle, Concorde, and Safe Airport awards.

Build: 1.31 Released June 2, 2012

  • Removed bug which limited game play to only 250 aircraft.

Build: 1.30 Released May 31, 2012

  • Added new challenges: "Fast Forward" and "Endurance", both based on the level 1 map;
  • Modified basic play options to two types: Single-crash (sudden death) and Three-crash (endurance);
  • Fixed issues with jamming planes on aprons, levels 1 and 6;
  • Added opt-out options for weather and emergencies;
  • Removed popup activity, added supervisor comments as a less intrusive alternative.

Build: 1.20 Released April 3, 2012

  • Added challenges;
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Build: 1.14 Released February 2, 2012

  • Eliminated off-screen turnbacks. Allowing an arrival to exit the airspace comes with a $2000 penalty only;
  • Re-painted lines on aircraft carriers;
  • Added trophy case achievement: "100% passenger mood rating";
  • Fixed Level 5 issue: Arriving helicopters would 'relocate' to opposite end of Destroyer;
  • Reduced traffic rate in level 5;
  • Fixed issue in level 5: Difficulty selecting helipad as arrival point after vectors;
  • Weather and emergencies happen more often;
  • Added a crash-free zone for aircraft close to screen's edge;
  • Resolved issue: Supervisor would announce new a380/concorde service, even after previously unlocked;
  • Trophy case error: '$250,000 earned' could be achieved with only $2,500 in earnings;
  • Free version: Helipad and runway 05 now remain unlocked after initial achievement;
  • Airport safety rating corrected: No more than 1 crash per 50 planes and at least 125 planes;
  • Issue on Level 4: occasional 'unlimited crashes' resolved.

Build: 1.132 Released January 26, 2012

  • Unlimited crashes disabled
  • Vectored departures no longer turn back
  • Level 5 'splash' in wrong spot
  • Level 5: Arrivals not entering elevator after a crash
  • Moved 'clear' button on profile page to avoid inadvertent clearing

Build: 1.13 Released January 26, 2012

  • Replaced one voice file
  • High scores: Level 2 unlimited would save incorrectly
  • Level 5: Reorganization of aircraft carriers. Added second departure catapult to large carrier.
  • Fixed issue with lock-up between departures and arrivals on north carrier deck.
  • Resolved issue with runway overruns after aborted takeoff.
  • Some incorrect passenger numbers in aircraft info
  • Supervisor bubble now transparent
  • Incorrect fuel values during low-fuel situations
  • Fixed collisions between departures and 'departure line up' on level 6, runway 34
  • Fixed float planes missing arrival dock
  • Traffic blockage during pushback, level 2, west gates
  • Go arounds or vectors that take an arriving aircraft off-screen now cause penalty and aircraft turn-around

Build: 1.12 Released January 8, 2012

  • Improved voices
  • Quieter music
  • Trophy case issue fixed: "500 Planes Moved"
  • Trophy case issue fixed: Certain items not updating until next game play
  • Fixed "Cross 27 Left" voice bug
  • Trophy case stars not updating until next game play
  • "You have the latest version" no longer attempts to update when clicked
  • Level 3 Runway 27 departure collisions when multiple clearances given
  • "Level Complete" award requirements changed
  • "Safe Airport Award" added to trophy case
  • Gate jam ups levels 1 and 3: improved / eliminated
  • "Seasoned Veteran" profile correctly plays with no emergencies or weather
  • Military Level: Improved gameplay with overlapping arrival / departure paths on carrier deck
  • Fixed bug where carrier crash prevented future departures
  • Fixed vectoring issues on aircraft carrier level

Build 1.11 Released December 31, 2011

  • Trophy case not correctly displaying certain achievement stars
  • Fixed Concorde/Space Shuttle trophies
  • Added traffic intensity slider
  • Fast/slow keyboard shortcuts not working correctly in all situations
  • Increase effects of 'Expedite Takeoff' and 'Expedite Off' controls
  • Helicopters no longer conflict with taxiing aircraft (changed flight path in level 1)
  • Resolved issue with aircraft rolling down runway and off-screen
  • Pause / Play button images reversed to be more user-intuitive
  • Version Info (this page) now accessible from Home Page of game
  • Eliminated crashes between departures at runway thresholds
  • Multiple 'Quit Game' popups eliminated
  • Helicopter beacon added
  • "Lower aircraft displaying on top of higher aircraft" issues resolved
  • Adjusted gate positioning to reduce likelihood of traffic jams
  • Eliminated off-screen crashes
  • Added "unlock all levels" password - type "unlock" as a username
  • Introductory music no longer plays after music deselected
  • Improved sound quality
  • Adjusted info popup positions on intro pages
  • Fixed where game occasionally allows unlimited crashes
  • Adjusted initial window open location on users screen
  • Level 5 (aircraft carrier) "Loading" message would not update to "Requesting Taxi"
  • Fixed Customize Profile scroll window issue
  • Off-screen arrivals now show correct speed
  • Pause stops all animations
  • Controlling aircraft during pause disabled