Monthly Archives: July 2010

Airport Madness 3 Update 1.01

We have published a minor update to Airport Madness 3. The changes are:

  • A different supervisor image;
  • Click anywhere to close command panels;
  • Maximizeable screen;
  • Reduced “continuous play” traffic levels .

There are many more changes coming, but these are the ones that we felt needed to be done right away. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to test the game’s auto-update feature. Updates are free, by the way. Those who purchased Airport Madness 3 Build 1.0 should see the message, “An update is available” appear at the bottom of the game screen.

Airport Madness 3 Post-Release

During its’ first few days of release, our latest air traffic control game “Airport Madness 3” has received generally positive feedback. Unlike AM2, which we launched early to meet a deadline, Airport Madness 3 was thoroughly tested by a team of six from the very beginning of its’ construction. We intend to release a new update in approximately one week, that adds a few improvements and fixes some minor issues:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts;
  • Click anywhere to close panels;
  • Resizeable screen; and,
  • Landing lights for night aircraft.

If you would like to add anything to this list for build 1.1 (full version), please contact us. Updates are free to those who have purchased. The application automatically checks for updates each time you play.