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Airport Madness 4

We are in the early planning stage of Airport Madness 4, with an anticipated release date of Christmas 2011. At this time we are looking for all of your ideas! Please give Airport Madness 3 a thorough play and let us know what you feel is missing, or what could be better.

The biggest improvement over Airport Madness 3 will be a larger selection of airports. Some questions we have of our Airport Madness 3 fans:
  • Would you like a larger resolution?
  • Are pilot voices an important feature to you?
  • Do you prefer cartoon-style graphics or a realistic “Google Earth” look?
  • What type of music do you like? Loud and energetic, or quiet easy-listening?
  • Would you like more control options?
  • More aircraft types?
  • What types of emergencies?
Please write to us! We’ve started the official Airport Madness 4 page here.