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How It’s Done

howitsdoneOne of our users sent in this snapshot, demonstrating ‘how it’s done’ in Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition.  If memory serves, this would be the High North sector, with an extremely busy MAGGI arrival.

I shouldn’t be posting ANYTHING in my blog right this moment, but instead focusing purely on tomorrow’s release of Airport Madness: Time Machine.  I feel like a kid out late on a school night 🙂  Seriously, I am taking a one-hour hiatus from the code, then it’s straight back to work.  Don’t stay up all night tonight hoping for an early release of AMTM, because it will likely not be until sometime tomorrow morning.  The beta testers are beating me up pretty good with their bug finds!

Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition Update 1.02

An update is available for Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition.  We’ve mostly fixed the numerous issues that existed in the High South sector.  A huge thank-you to everyone who has reported bugs to us.  We read and respond to every email, and do our best to process all of it.

While we do take all feature requests into consideration, we take bug reports very seriously.  If you know of a bug that has not been fixed, and is not on this list, it’s likely because we either could not reproduce the problem, or have not determined how to resolve the bug.

I’ve had more than one person report that certain aircraft will not fly an approach, but rather, will fly a holding pattern at the IAF waypoint.  This is one that we cannot find.   I suspect that the problem could lie within our instructions, as perhaps the correct procedure is not being implemented within the game.

Here’s the list of what we’ve fixed in this update:

  • Miles-in-trail issue resolved in High South sector;
  • “How busy would you like to be?” selector made brighter;
  • High South PHNL arrivals incorrectly displayed destination ast PHOG;
  • Game timer display issue beyond 100 minutes of play;
  • High South issue with pending flights not showing up (WAPPO LIH PHLI);
  • Oahu Sector PHNL departures showed incorrect destinations;
  • Airspeed selection now shows proper rounded values (e.g. 320);
  • RCHE ‘Lite’ version now available.
  • Unable to reproduce issues with arrivals circling IAP waypoint instead of landing.
  • Unable to reproduce “less than 5 miles” error between generated aircraft.

Free Version of Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition

A free version of Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition is now available, for those who would like to try before buying.   This version offers unlimited access to the Honolulu approach sector.  Enjoy!

It’s always difficult to decide how much of something should be free.  Whenever I shop at Costco, I always try to eat enough of their free samples to tide me over until dinner.  However, by the time I’m through the checkout, I usually break down and buy one of their hot dogs.  I think it makes sense to give at least something away for free.   Rather than offer a time-restricted, resolution-shrunken free version like we did with Radar Chaos, we’ve decided to make a single level of Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition completely free.