Monthly Archives: July 2011

Big Fat Simulations Gets Facebook Page

After publishing five of our games to Facebook, Big Fat Simulations has now established a Facebook page dedicated directly to the company and all of its’ endeavors.  We invite you to visit us at the link on the left.  Please be sure to “Like” the page, as this will keep you informed of any updates, new releases and news.  As well, liking our Facebook page helps spread the word about Big Fat Simulations!

As a redundancy, we still intend to maintain this blog.  However the Facebook page will enable you to post comments and share your ideas.  We hope to hear from all of you on the new Facebook page here!

Office Jerk Update

An Office Jerk update is now available from iTunes!  Version 1.3 offers three new FREE weapons as well as tons of new taunts, reactions and mayhem.  We are getting some terrific reviews, and are moving our way back up the app store chart with the many improvements we have made.

If you own an iPhone or iPad and haven’t tried version 1.3 of Office Jerk yet, grab it here.  It’s absolutely free!  And be sure to follow us on Facebook for news, updates and freebies!