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Airport Madness 3D: Next Update

I am working on another update. I just fixed the bug that stops traffic flow, once the player has achieved 150 or so movements.

I’m adding a feature that I call “auto-tag”, which prevents tags from overlapping. It’s does not do a great job of tag management, which is why it will be optional.

I’m also considering adding some bonus features into the game:

-Automatic go around for traffic
-Automatic stop / cross runways
-Auto taxi
-Matched arrival speeds
-Faster taxi speeds

I would like your input on how I might implement these features. I could sell them all as an in-app purchase and name them “ATC Tools”. Or I could enable these over time, as a reward. Or, I could simply add them to “settings”. Thoughts?

I am also looking into my options for “instant replay”, or at the very least, a screenshot of your game ending crash.


Airport Madness 3D Update 1.113 Available

This is an important update, fixing a few key issues.  Most notably, after installing this update you will be notified in-game of all future updates.  The game will provide you with an update method.


Added in-game update notification;
Control panel opens at mouse position;
Abort takeoff feature;
Traffic unjam tool;
Experimental fix for backwards-taxiing aircraft;
ASDE Radar more interactive (shows waiting aircraft in red);
Increased higher end of traffic rates (low 94%, med 106%, high 139%);
Improved terminal building textures;
Traffic pattern diagrams added to menu pages;
Added “will cross”/”will hold” information in aircraft control panel;
DH8C now rotates sooner;
Concorde climbs faster;
Minor performance improvements.