Airport Madness 3D: Next Update

I am working on another update. I just fixed the bug that stops traffic flow, once the player has achieved 150 or so movements.

I’m adding a feature that I call “auto-tag”, which prevents tags from overlapping. It’s does not do a great job of tag management, which is why it will be optional.

I’m also considering adding some bonus features into the game:

-Automatic go around for traffic
-Automatic stop / cross runways
-Auto taxi
-Matched arrival speeds
-Faster taxi speeds

I would like your input on how I might implement these features. I could sell them all as an in-app purchase and name them “ATC Tools”. Or I could enable these over time, as a reward. Or, I could simply add them to “settings”. Thoughts?

I am also looking into my options for “instant replay”, or at the very least, a screenshot of your game ending crash.


16 thoughts on “Airport Madness 3D: Next Update

  1. Wayne


    I would prefer in the settings as an option as I personally want to manage as much as possible and not have auto go arounds etc, takes the fun away of managing the traffic


  2. Benjamin Perks

    I like the idea for all three release options! Add them as settings in the next update,sell them as DLC on Steam or for completion of an entire airport!

  3. Matt

    The bonus features sound like a nice addition and adding them to the settings menu is a great idea. Hope to see more airports added to the game soon, and keeping my hope strong that Area 51 could be added in the future 🙂

  4. Steve Lawson

    Love your AM3D.
    Is it possible to get the ability in SKY CAM, when a aircraft appears to be able to click on that aircraft to sight the runway it is heading to, and be able to change the runway in that mode. This would would stop having to scan the sky for the aircraft.
    Love the game its wonderful


  5. Jim H.

    Another vote here for putting out an updated Area 51 level! You haven’t had military aircraft in a really long time. Really fun aircraft to manage.

    Hope you think a little bigger about what you have built here. Really love the new engine and can’t wait to see the improvements and enhancements…but think about if you opened up (and even charged for) a software SDK…real time weather & wind patterns, add accurate fuel consumption into the mix, let users zoom in and watch detailed action on the tarmac down to the dude with the glowy sticks (obviously not in the aviation business), player to player airplane handoffs in real time, VR development…this type of game screams for it.

    Anyway….an Area 51 level please as soon as possible please! 🙂



    1. admin Post author

      I like the idea. We could steal a little from Airport Madness 4… maybe the sandstorm and the creepy gas. Or, maybe we don’t get all goofy, and just make the airport. I wonder if there would be trademark issues with putting JANET aircraft. Perhaps I’ll make something very similar to JANET.

  6. Peter Widmer

    Nice update! Traffic is now displayed in the upper left corner as numbers. How about same numbers additional in the settings ‘traffic rate’?

  7. Vince

    Faster Taxi and matching arrival speeds are a good feature to add. At the airports with more taxiways coming off the runways having planes use those instead of going the whole length of the runway would be nice too.

  8. Dave

    A replay of a crash would be great… too often I think that there isn’t an issue and look away to work with other flights only to have the dreaded grey-out of the screen.


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