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Airport Madness 3 Now Available

After more than eight months in the making, Airport Madness 3 is now available for purchase. Like it’s predecessors, AM3 also includes a free ‘lite’ version, which limits players to one level and just one mishap. The lite version also has a much smaller screen size. The full version is a substantial step upwards from the lite version, and I certainly hope that you enjoy playing it.


US $9.99

I would like to thank the following volunteers for their extraordinary efforts in assisting with the beta testing. Without their assistance, this project would not have been possible.

  • Dunk Cummins – Macclesfield, England
  • K. Bromham
  • Rich Newpol
  • Richard D
  • Sebastian G. – Munich, Germany
  • Thomas Boon – Chelmsford, UK

Airport Madness 3 Delayed

Due to a number of minor bugs within the beta version of Airport Madness 3, release will have to be delayed a few days. I shall try to keep my promise of “June”, and will resist the temptation to delete all prior blog posts containing promises of release dates 🙂

I’ve received some great last-minute ideas that I decided to implement, including several emergencies. The tornado was not my idea, but that of my young son. He was insistent that it would be a crowd-pleaser, and even sketched out his vision of an air traffic control supervisor who warns of approaching doom.

Airport Madness 3 Release Date

Here is a brief update on the progress of our latest air traffic control game, Airport Madness 3. We are putting on the final finishings to this product, as well as final testing for problems. We are aiming for a release date of Friday, June 25, 2010. Airport Madness 3 will have a sticker price of US$9.99. There will be a free version available in early July.

Unlike the full version, which offers a one-hour ‘level-based’ exercise as well as ‘continuous-play’ mode and ‘challenge mode’, the free game will offer a sudden-death ‘How much traffic can you handle?” challenge that gradually builds in intensity and complexity. The free version will exist on Facebook as well as a variety of game portals on the internet.