Monthly Archives: January 2012

Airport Madness 4 Pipeline

It’s been an exciting two weeks since we launched Airport Madness 4.   We had initially planned to complete Airport Madness 4 in November, spend a month testing it, then release it on December 1st.  However, we came up with some great ideas late in the game, and this delayed our launch until December 24th.  Number four in the series seems to have met or exceeded most people’s expectations, with the exception of a few bugs.  There are always bugs with new software, and we’ve worked out nearly all of them with with the latest build.  We’ve received some amazing ideas and solid feedback from users, and we are doing everything we can to process it all.

When we created our first game five years ago, we were so focused on building the ‘fun’ aspects of our game that we neglected to put any music in, and this was the primary user complaint.  However most of the emails we’ve received for Airport Madness 4 sound something like, “Could you add a music volume knob so that we can, you know, turn the music down?”.  Another complaint has been with regard to the voices.  When we launched, Airport Madness 4 came with just one voice, altered to three different pitch levels, for variety.  This was not well received, and we are happy to report that the voices have been improved for the latest build, 1.12.  We have not added a volume knob, but have lowered the music volume to match that of the other sounds.

Our game plan over the next few years is to launch a new version of Airport Madness every Christmas.  We have some terrific ideas for this and have already begun laying the groundwork for the next three versions.  Having said that, we’ve decided that our priority must always be to focus on the current game, and how to make it better.  Airport Madness 4 will not be abandoned for the next version, as with earlier versions.  Airport Madness 4 will be improved upon, changed, added to, and hopefully one day perfected.  Updates are always free, and automatic from within the game.

We also plan to give Radar Chaos a makeover this Summer, adding fresh artwork, improving the traffic generation system, and adding features such as holding patterns.  There will also be a second version of Radar Chaos, focussing on the ‘enroute’ aspects of air traffic control.