Monthly Archives: November 2011

Office Jerk Holiday Edition Now Available

Big Fat Simulations and Fluik Entertainment proudly present Office Jerk Holiday Edition, now available on the iTunes app store!  If you’ve tried Office Jerk, I think you will enjoy this one.

Unlike the previous versions of this game such as Office Zombie, this one is not free (sorry).  The cost, time and effort required to build an iPhone app makes it difficult to release them as a freebies.

In case you are wondering why we are making iPhone apps instead of Airport Madness 4, rest assured we are getting close to a release date for it!  A huge thank you to everyone reading this blog for their support with all of our projects.

Airport Madness 4 Update

Airport Madness 4 is progressing smoothly, and we are still hoping for a December release.  Check out our first official screenshots here on the product page.  At this point, Airport Madness 4 is mostly functional.  We have added radar, an achievement system, multiple aircraft types as well as emergencies.  The game graphics are almost complete.  For the most part, the game requires only polish.

There is still artwork to be completed, as well as sound implementation for voices, music and game sounds.  On the back end, there are a few game levels that still need coding to be completed.

This may sound more like a “rant” than a progress update, but ranting is an important part of the whole process.  I’ve received a great deal of pressure from other game developers who insist that the game be Facebook-friendly and social.  “Add virtual currency.  Add micro-transactions so that players can build up their airport.  Add a feature that allows friends to challenge each other, or even work together.”  Believe me, I think all of this stuff is neat, but it’s an incredible amount of work.  I’ve seen developers get so busy adding the back-end magic, they forget that they are supposed to be building a great game.  And that’s what Airport Madness 4 is trying to be.