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Upcoming Games

We have just released update 1.14 for Airport Madness 4.  Those who have purchased this game can update directly from the main game page.  We have also published a free version of Airport Madness 4 on facebook as well as our website (the facebook version is a bit smaller, due to the space constraints of facebook, but the site version is a full 1024×768.  Airport Madness 4 has moved over 15 million airplanes to date, and we plan to unlock content in the free version as we achieve certain milestones.

Okay, here is an exhaustive list of everything we have in the pipeline for you this year.  Please be sure to buy each and every one of these 🙂  Well, at least give the free versions a try. 

We are planning an update for Airport Madness 3 in March, fixing framerate performance issues, as well as difficulties users are reporting with the ability to click on aircraft. In April we plan to add an additional ‘Easter’ level to Airport Madness 4 (free and full versions).  Look for similar updates at Halloween and Christmas!  In May we are planning an update to our iOS Airport Madness, adding airports and features.  In June there will be a major update to Radar Chaos, as well as an ‘enroute’ version of Radar Chaos.  The enroute version will be more simulation than game. 

There is a great deal of work here at Big Fat Simulations that will keep us busy indefinitely.  We are already in the planning stages of the next Airport Madness, due next Christmas, and it should be a great deal of fun.

Stay tuned!

Airport Madness 2 iPhone Update

We are extremely excited about the release of our first air traffic control game for the iPhone. Airport Madness 2 should hit the app store by April 30, 2010. Here are some proposed screenshots of the game in action:

At first glance it seemed like porting Airport Madness 2 over to the iPhone would be relatively straightforward. Of couse, the challenges are embracing the advantages and minimizing the disadvantages of a small screen and a touch-based platform. Another challenge will be naming this iPhone application. Unfortunately the name ‘Airport Madness’ exists in the app store already. Naming overlaps do frequently occur on the web, but we will strive to find something unique yet familiar to fans of the Airport Madness series.

Airport Madness 2 – Build 1.8 Available

I have fixed some minor issues in Airport Madness 2 with Build 1.8, which you are now free to play right here on Facebook. If you have purchased the full version and would like the update please email me with your name and email address used for purchase. Here is the email address:

The update repairs the following:

DOUBLE CONTROL PANEL: Occasionally more than one control panel would appear leading to undeserved mishaps.


CLOUDS COVER CONTROL PANEL AND GAME INFO: I have told the clouds not to do this anymore 🙂


LANDING LIGHTS OCCASIONALLY DO NOT WORK: This appears to be resolved after rewriting code and beta testing. Since I did not find any problem with the original code, I cannot guarantee that this bug has been removed.

There still exist some issues with Airport Madness 2, but I believe that build 1.8 fixes the game to a reliable state. I hope to shift focus to Airport Madness 3, which I anticipate for April 2010.

Airport Madness 2 Upcoming Build 1.8

I am anticipating the release of Airport Madness 2 Build 1.8 on October 31, 2009. Those who have previously purchased Airport Madness 2 will receive the upgrade for free. Just send me an email indicating proof of purchase (either your transaction number, the email address you provided during purchase, or your name) and you will receive a link at that time.

In no particular order, here are the issues I intend to fix with this release:
  • Clouds cover the control panel
  • Game performance slows down over extended period of time
  • Airport #2 Continuous-Play mode: Intensity setting not functional
  • 09L departures occasionally do not hold short of runway
  • Double control panel interferes with game play
  • Landing lights occasionally do not illuminate
  • Score/Landing counter issues in continuous-play mode
  • Aircraft “catch” preceeding traffic on runway occasionally
  • Taxi status messages show incorrect information
Anything else? Email me!

Airport Madness 2 on Facebook

After circulating various game portals throughout the internet for the past four months, Airport Madness 2 has finally hit Facebook. It is my intention to make the game a more social experience, beginning with the ability to challenge Facebook friends and compare your high scores. A game is always more fun when you can do it with your friends.

In fact, I believe the Airport Madness concept is begging for “multiplayer”, and Facebook is the perfect platform. It would be a tremendous undertaking to promise something like multiplayer for Airport Madness 3, due in early 2010, but it is definitely worth it for me to look at. Please, keep sending me your ideas.

In an effort to circulate Airport Madness, I have developed a kind of Facebook Fan Club. Since you are reading this, I hope that you will join by clicking the Facebook link below.

Airport Madness 2 on Facebook

I hope to see you all on Facebook soon!

Airport Madness 2 – Build 1.8

I am accepting suggestions for Build 1.8 of Airport Madness 2. The intent is to fix any bugs that may exist, and make minor changes that improve game play. If you have observed any glitches in the program, please email me. The issues that I intend to tackle include:

  • Aircraft landing lights occasionally do not illuminate;
  • Control panels occasionally double-up and overlap; and,
  • Aircraft occasionally do not hold short of their departure runway.

Aside from fixing the minor glitches, I do not plan to add anything further to Airport Madness 2. If you have any suggested additions for the game, I will keep them in mind for Airport Madness 3 which will release at a future date.

Airport Madness 2 Progress

Since I haven’t posted any Airport Madness updates since its’ release May 2nd, I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on what is happening with the project. In it’s first two weeks, I released no less than seven updates, bringing the build number to the latest 1.7.

It was never my intention to release so many new builds so quickly. This action was in response to the many emails I received that brought various bugs to my attention. Airport Madness 2 still has a few minor bugs which I have every intention of fixing in the future. However, I must focus on other projects first, partly due to time constraints and partly because, well, I’m kind of burned out from AM2 and need a change of scenery for a while.

The current build is very functional, with only minor inconveniences such as aircraft landing lights that don’t always turn on when they are supposed to. I am keeping a list of such issues, and will likely release another update in August.

“August? Are you kidding me?” August is realistic. Heck, it’s already June, and I’ve got stuff to do. If I get a build out in July I will be the big hero, won’t I?