Airport Madness 2 Upcoming Build 1.8

I am anticipating the release of Airport Madness 2 Build 1.8 on October 31, 2009. Those who have previously purchased Airport Madness 2 will receive the upgrade for free. Just send me an email indicating proof of purchase (either your transaction number, the email address you provided during purchase, or your name) and you will receive a link at that time.

In no particular order, here are the issues I intend to fix with this release:
  • Clouds cover the control panel
  • Game performance slows down over extended period of time
  • Airport #2 Continuous-Play mode: Intensity setting not functional
  • 09L departures occasionally do not hold short of runway
  • Double control panel interferes with game play
  • Landing lights occasionally do not illuminate
  • Score/Landing counter issues in continuous-play mode
  • Aircraft “catch” preceeding traffic on runway occasionally
  • Taxi status messages show incorrect information
Anything else? Email me!

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