Airport Madness 2 Progress

Since I haven’t posted any Airport Madness updates since its’ release May 2nd, I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on what is happening with the project. In it’s first two weeks, I released no less than seven updates, bringing the build number to the latest 1.7.

It was never my intention to release so many new builds so quickly. This action was in response to the many emails I received that brought various bugs to my attention. Airport Madness 2 still has a few minor bugs which I have every intention of fixing in the future. However, I must focus on other projects first, partly due to time constraints and partly because, well, I’m kind of burned out from AM2 and need a change of scenery for a while.

The current build is very functional, with only minor inconveniences such as aircraft landing lights that don’t always turn on when they are supposed to. I am keeping a list of such issues, and will likely release another update in August.

“August? Are you kidding me?” August is realistic. Heck, it’s already June, and I’ve got stuff to do. If I get a build out in July I will be the big hero, won’t I?

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