Bathroom Simulator

Here is a project that I originally published as an iPhone application, and last week decided to distribute it as a Flash game as well.

There are several versions of this urinal game circulating the internet, so admittedly it is not an original concept. Here is my version of this great game idea, and I hope that you enjoy it.

The idea here is to test and improve your public washroom etiquette. You choose the most appropriate stall in a variety of situations. The Bathroom Simulator was inspired by several other games that are based on this concept, but mine has enough “extras” to hopefully get your attention.

The other urinal games are fairly basic, offering the player a variety of situations such as, “There’s a guy on the left and a guy on the right, so which urinal will YOU choose?”. I’ve really tried to pimp things up by adding sit-down stalls, busted urinals, and pervert bikers. The game is loaded with graphics, sound effects and music.

I always appreciate fresh ideas from people, so let me know if it is missing anything, or if it could be made better in some way.

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