Airport Madness 3 Now Available

After more than eight months in the making, Airport Madness 3 is now available for purchase. Like it’s predecessors, AM3 also includes a free ‘lite’ version, which limits players to one level and just one mishap. The lite version also has a much smaller screen size. The full version is a substantial step upwards from the lite version, and I certainly hope that you enjoy playing it.


US $9.99

I would like to thank the following volunteers for their extraordinary efforts in assisting with the beta testing. Without their assistance, this project would not have been possible.

  • Dunk Cummins – Macclesfield, England
  • K. Bromham
  • Rich Newpol
  • Richard D
  • Sebastian G. – Munich, Germany
  • Thomas Boon – Chelmsford, UK

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