How It’s Done

howitsdoneOne of our users sent in this snapshot, demonstrating ‘how it’s done’ in Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition.  If memory serves, this would be the High North sector, with an extremely busy MAGGI arrival.

I shouldn’t be posting ANYTHING in my blog right this moment, but instead focusing purely on tomorrow’s release of Airport Madness: Time Machine.  I feel like a kid out late on a school night 🙂  Seriously, I am taking a one-hour hiatus from the code, then it’s straight back to work.  Don’t stay up all night tonight hoping for an early release of AMTM, because it will likely not be until sometime tomorrow morning.  The beta testers are beating me up pretty good with their bug finds!

3 thoughts on “How It’s Done

  1. James Slayton

    I went ahead and bought it instead of waiting for a demo. I haven’t played very long, yet. I think you guys sold this too cheap. $15 is way too cheap for this. I’d have sold it for at least $20, maybe even $25 because of the unlimited support and updates. In fact, I wish to file a complaint that this game was sold too cheaply, giving me lower expectations.

  2. Satya

    This is the most awesome game ever!

    I’m curious, what’s shuld the busy slider be set to for real-world traffic levels? I find it pretty difficult for North at 5 or 6. Just barely manageable but I keep missing the 10-miles-in-trail target,

    Keyboard shortcuts would be great, it’s really making my wrist hurt with my Mac’s trackpad.


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