Airport Madness 4

We are in the early planning stage of Airport Madness 4, with an anticipated release date of Christmas 2011. At this time we are looking for all of your ideas! Please give Airport Madness 3 a thorough play and let us know what you feel is missing, or what could be better.

The biggest improvement over Airport Madness 3 will be a larger selection of airports. Some questions we have of our Airport Madness 3 fans:
  • Would you like a larger resolution?
  • Are pilot voices an important feature to you?
  • Do you prefer cartoon-style graphics or a realistic “Google Earth” look?
  • What type of music do you like? Loud and energetic, or quiet easy-listening?
  • Would you like more control options?
  • More aircraft types?
  • What types of emergencies?
Please write to us! We’ve started the official Airport Madness 4 page here.

13 thoughts on “Airport Madness 4

  1. Capt. David Alves

    Enjoy AM3 and look forward to 4. Would love:
    1. a choice of zoom feature.
    2. a “Save” feature and “Load” So many times I’ve had to close down and start from scratch.
    3. Fix the planes bogging down after 50+ flights.
    4. Love pilot voices (keep as option)
    5. Could care less about “busy” music. If music is a must, prefer calm when busy with flights.
    6. Google earth view a MUST!
    7. Need more control options. Interface could allow user to choose control options to be shown by clicking radio buttons to set up a game profile.
    8. Yes. More aircraft types with various speeds.
    9. Use real-world airports. User could enter KMHT or KCON or KPSM or PAJN and have that runway setup with true headings.
    10. Love to be able to close runways too (for repair, snow removal, etc. as in real life)
    11. Add option for vehicle traffic crossing runways or taxiways.

  2. Matt C.

    I love AM3. Bought it after playing a demo on Kongregate.

    I’d love to see a higher resolution, and more realistic graphics might be a nice addition. Personally, as I’m landing aircraft, I’d like calm music. Something in the background, and not in-your-face type. A nice variety of airplanes would be a great addition and add variety, for as long as they’re realistic, and not something that wouldn’t normally land at a “passenger” airport unless it’s an emergency, ie. no F-18’s, etc. Keep it realistic.

    Another type of emergency that could be thrown in could be on take-off. The plane takes off and has to turn back around for whatever reason (fire, medical, mechanical, etc.)

    Can’t wait to hear more about AM4.

  3. Matt C.

    … oh, and to add, to my previous comment about take-off, if the take-off is not successful and the plane isn’t turned around in time (there could be a countdown timer requiring the plane to make it back under the amount of time), then that could lead to another emergency, such as a closed runway…

  4. Creator

    Capt. David Alves, thank you for your great ideas. I plan to implement nearly all of them. My only hesitation about using real-world airports would be the legal aspect. If I create a game about plane crashes that is based on some real-world spot, I would worry about the airport authority coming after me.

    Matt C., I like the emergency return concept. Expect to see that.
    ioh969, where have you seen the image? We purchased the rights to use it, but I suppose others may have as well. It is not a permanent image, but basically a placeholder image until our graphics become finalized in August.

  5. Capt. David Alves

    Can’t wait for this release. I may have missed the TIMELINE. When is it scheduled for Beta testing? (I volunteer and have experience). I’m also an ex-Navy Air Traffic Controller.

    P.S. I really doubt any liability would be involved in a game that uses real-world airports as choices. I use an ATC simulator that uses real world airports. AM4 is a GAME!

    Besides, if the controllers are any good at all, there will be very few crashes.

    Love your stuff. I’m a real supporter. Let me know if I can help.

    Telling my friends in aviation already.

  6. Matt C.

    @Capt. David Alves:

    I just refreshed the page and was glad to see the “Creator” replied, then I went to do something, refreshed the page again, and your comment was online. I just found it amusing as all of this happened within minutes after not hearing anything from the blog for days. That’s all.

    You do have some great ideas though. Just don’t make the game too damn difficult. 🙂

    Wanted to ask you: is it normal/possible for military jets to land in public airports?

  7. Anonymous

    How about an airport creator where you can, as the name suggests, create your own airports and upload them to a server to share with other players (and obviously download theirs), would add so much longevity in my opinion.

  8. Matt C.

    I agree with anonymous, but let’s make ground taxiing an option, or depending on how the game is presented, may make too many things to handle. But I do love the idea.

    In fact, I’m going to take a step back, and let’s control the plane from the ground up. Is that handled by one person/controller? If so, I can’t see any reason why one person can’t command a few planes.

    ANOTHER SUGGESTION: could there be an option (to select at least, if one so should choose) to have control of only certain aircrafts, because others are controlled by another co-worker, and work each as a separate landing aircrafts, while working differences within the same environment. With no knowledge on the workings within the control towers, do the controllers share responsibilities? If they do, then this should be given as a possible option.

    I hope this suggestion was explained, and I wouldn’t want to see the game get so difficult that it is past the point of enjoyment.



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