Airport Madness 3

I am making initial plans for an Airport Madness 3. I do not offer a release date, but I am thinking somewhere around January 2010 (give or take 3 months). My goal is to make Airport Madness 3 similar in concept to the first 2 games, but a vast improvement. The free version will be the usual teaser, but the full version will be a full-screen game creating much more involvement with the airborne aircraft (i.e. assigning turns, holds, different runways).

At the moment, Airport Madness 3 will contain the following improvements over AM1 and AM2:

  • Pilot/Controller voice
  • A complexity setting (beginner, normal, advanced)
  • Real-world rules of runway operation
  • A much larger screen for the “full version”.
  • All-new airport layout
  • Improved graphics
  • Emergencies
  • Airport vehicles, cars, boats, birds.
  • Assignable runways
  • Different types and speeds
  • Special operations, such as training aircraft and balloons.

If you have any suggestions please email me.

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