Airport Madness 4 Now Available

After 6 long months of development, we have completed Airport Madness 4 just in time for Christmas!  There will be tutorial videos shortly, as well as a demo version as well as a facebook edition.

As always, updates are free.  Our first scheduled update is due December 31, 2011.  Please report any issues that you may find so that we can incorporate the suggestions for changes.

Our long term goal is to release a new version of Airport Madness each year, so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Airport Madness 4 Now Available

  1. Anonymous

    I just played the Airport madness 4 and I have found some glitches.

    There is a display error with the keyboard shortcuts.
    If I click an arrival the number 4 key will slow the airplane and the
    3 key will do nothing and the 5 key will make him go faster.

    If I clear an aircraft to take off prior of entering the runway and
    just before the take off run I will click line up, he will continue to
    move very slow the entire time he is on the ground.

    On level 3, the runway 03/21 is announced by voice as runway 27R

  2. Anonymous

    Great game,

    I love the new controls for vectoring an aeroplane to a runway.

    It’s a shame this version has no ‘free play’ where you play as much as you like regardless of how many crashes occur or the option to choose whether to play night/day.

    Other than that, it’s a great game and a fantastic improvement over AM3. It’s a lot more fun and a lot easier to control aircraft thanks to point and drag approach taken in AM4.


  3. Nachtfalter

    Hey, if you force a plane to abort the takeoff, it does NOT go right back to the apron. It moves slowly out of the runway and the game.

    And will there be an upate for a Realistic Seperation Rules Mode? That would be nice 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    great game but i miss the challenges that am3 had (realistic rules, disasters) also what level does the space shuttle land on and why dosent landing the concorde give my throphy


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