Airport Madness Challenge Now FREE for iPhone/iPad

Those of you with an iPhone or iPad can now try Airport Madness Challenge for free.  Although the full version still cost $4.99 for six levels of action, a ‘lite’ version is now available from the App Store which offers two free levels.  Additional levels can be purchased within the app for just $.99 each. 

The high resolution of this app looks stunning on the iPad, although it plays well with iPhone and iPod Touch as well.  Perhaps the greatest leap this app makes beyond Airport Madness Mobile is the multi-player function.   Using Bluetooth you can play against any friend with an iPad, iPhone or iPod in either of two multiplayer modes: Tycoon Mode or Survival Mode. In Survival Mode it is a showdown to see who can last the longest without a midair collision. In Tycoon Mode your goal is to drive the opponent into bankruptcy.

Get it here!

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