Airport Madness is Live On Steam

Dear excellent customers,

Airport Madness: World Edition is now live in the Steam store! While we continue to sell all of our games through our existing website, we will gradually port them to the Steam game platform. Steam is incontestably the best-known channel for buying, updating and sharing PC, Mac and Linux games. With a user base of 75 million, Steam is the largest collection of registered PC gamers in the world.

More Reliable Game Delivery
Automatic Updates
Achievements, Game Stats, Trading Cards

Over the past seven years, we’ve battled many issues with our game delivery system, such as Adobe Air problems, download security issues, and damaged files. On Steam, games just work. We’d like nothing more than to bring you ALL of our games on Steam today. However, the Steam Community must first accept our games through their Greenlight voting system. Help us by voting!

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