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One of my biggest pet peeves with the internet today are these blog posts people make, where they apologize for not blogging.  They write 15 paragraphs about how their lives have been unmanageable, and blogging was their last priority.   Hey, if you’ve got nothing to say, say nothing!  No apologies, please.

Yeah, I haven’t blogged lately.  But the good news is I’m making fabulous progress on Airport Madness: World Edition.  I’d show you some screenshots, but the current hold-up is the artwork.

Our previous artist is not available for this project.  It’s been a challenge for us to find someone with an artistic style that matches our game needs.  Heck, I even tried going at the artwork myself (Airport Madness 2, anyone?).  Fortunately, we should have something cool to show off in about a week.

On the back end, the game is in terrific shape.  Five levels, assignable departure and arrival runways, and different game modes.  The game modes come in three flavors: “Building Traffic”, “Continuous Play”, and “Time Trial”.  I’ve done away with the concept of “dragging arrivals to a new runway”.  Now, there’s a Runway Change button that you click (or tap).  Dragging is only used to assign a vector (fly in a particular direction).  I may even remove the “Go Around” button, as a controller can just drag-to-vector if a go-around situation occurs.

Our airports mimic the real-world airports (with a little Madness mixed in).  Scenery will be detailed, like it was in recent versions of Airport Madness.  This is a plus for those who want the game to feel “real”, but it does make the airplanes harder to see.  I may include an option to show “AM2 Green” as an alternative to the pretty scenery.

The plan is  to launch AM6 in November with 5 airports, then one additional airport per month (until the game gets so big that it explodes).  I’ve thought about the best way to monetize this (gotta pay myself, right?) while being fair to you, the consumer.  I figure, the game should sell for the usual $9.99, and the additional airports will be free updates.  Here are the five airports that made it into the November release:

  • Vancouver
  • Honolulu
  • Las Vegas
  • New York JFK
  • San Francisco

The game industry has become incredibly challenging.  When I launched Airport Madness 1 with it’s single airport in 2008, $6 was a bargain.  Nobody even batted an eye when I upped the price to $9.99 for Airport Madness 3.  That’s because paying $9.99 for a game was a perfectly normal thing to do.   Nowadays, games need to be mobile, they need to cost 99 cents, and they’d better be awesome.

I don’t feel pressured by all the free apps out there, as these have become stuffed with in-app purchases, and I think we’ve all figured out that “free” is not really free anymore.  But I do see how people would be reluctant to pay $9.99 for one of our games.  I’d be reluctant to build them for any less, however.  They sure aren’t easy to build.  So, all I can do is stick the usual price tag on the box and hope that my followers will see the value in our niche games.

In summary, I’m still plugging away at the game, still promising an imminent release.  Thank you to everyone, especially those who have bought the first five versions of this game.  This will be the last 2-D “top down” version of Airport Madness.  The time has come to go 3-D!  Having said that, I may publish a 2-D “ground control” version of Airport Madness next year.

8 thoughts on “Airport Madness Progress

  1. Your Airplane Buddy

    Sounds great!!!!! hoping for you guys to add Seattle-Tacoma Airport, that would be very fun! Also if you can try and add airline liverys on the plans for this version and make it realistic in that aspect. Also another idea is ground cars that move around when a plane parks or ground cars that stop when a airplane crosses a taxi way if you know what I mean. Lastly I think you should make three seprate gates, maybe add a few gates for the bigger planes like 747’s, A380’s, 777,A330’s, I then you have the gates for the MD-80’s,737’s 757’s, 767’s,A321’s,A320’s,A319’s,A310’s Maybe? Then the last gates for though small commuter planes, like the United Express, Remember please add a lot of attention to the realisticness of the airport! Im looking forward to it a lot!!!!!!!!
    -Your Airplane Buddy

    P.S. Maybe you could add a button where you could change a planes gate assassignment like sending it to a parking slot instead of a gate?

  2. Ross

    Seems good so far, just one problem I have. You’ve called it “World Edition” yet you’ve only stayed in the US bar one in Canada? I was thinking there would be more than two countries in a seemingly internationally based game. Apart from that issue, it seems good so far, and I have played all of the prior games of this particular series and bought a couple.

  3. TJ

    You should add Newark Liberty International Airport. Could you also add small planes (Cessna 172’s, e.t.c) and areas for them to park. I can’t wait!

  4. av8nut

    I would LOVE to see a 2D ground control of JFK! I’m no programmer, but I would imagine it would take a lot less time to create than some of your other games. Also, the ground control could be more of a true “simulation”, rather than a game.

    1. admin Post author

      We have a ground control game in the development pipeline. It could become incorporated into Airport Madness: Tower Edition. Not sure yet. But I’ll note JFK as a potential location!


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