Airport Madness World Edition Update

We released a second update for Airport Madness World Edition this morning, adding London Heathrow to the mix.  When I designed this level, I was very concerned about the fact that it lacked crossing runways.  It seems that the popularity of an airport is tied to the amount of complexity that it offers.  I tried a couple of new things with this level, one being additional flight paths. Some aircraft will cross over midfield, while others will join directly into the “downwind” leg.  I’ve also shaken up the taxi patterns, to keep players guessing.  These changes helped, however the airport still lacked something.  So I increased the traffic intensity to a rate that would “bury” you in any other sector. The result is one of my favorite airports so far.

Upon release of this game, I held the record for highest number of airplanes moved under the “time trial”.  We’ll see how long I last 🙂

15 thoughts on “Airport Madness World Edition Update

  1. Erik

    Very Nice and interesting game. But the new version received March 3rd is lagging and slow. I have the new iPhone 6. Does anyone have this bug?

    1. admin Post author


      My apologies for this. I am submitted an improved version to Apple and it should become available in five days.

  2. Matthew

    Oh you are a truly devious man! A very devil incarnate! I downloaded the patch today (before reading this entry) and thought ” Heathrow – two parallel runways – should be easy peasy” and then I started playing and before I knew it there were aircraft coming from all directions all at different approach speeds. It was a real “what the ……” moment. Incidentally, I live under the Heathrow flight path and how much traffic we get overhead really does depend on the wind direction. So you got that right. Oh yes, and how I miss Concorde flying over every evening. That wonderful roar of those gorgeous Olympus engines. I’m so glad you kept her in the game. Thank you. And thank for this new and challenging map because you, of course, not a devil at all.

  3. sw

    My scores on Heathrow are not recording on the main scores on Heathrow that has all the other airport scores. Hope I explained that right.


      1. sw

        I know you are busy with the next AM 3D, but how about fixing the score page for Heathrow,

        Just saying.
        Have a nice day.



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