Airport Madness: World Edition Update

We’ve added Zurich, Switzerland to Airport Madness: World Edition. We now offer 12 different airports to play from! Owners of the PC/Mac version will be prompted to install the update from the in-game menu page. iOS, Android and Steam versions to follow next week!

If you have not yet purchased, here is the product page:


I’ve recently made my development process a bit more efficient.  In the past, I would release updates for each and every platform, only to feel overwhelmed when the inevitable bug reports land in my inbox.  When this happens, I then have to republish to each platform.  Because Steam, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Mac App Store versions all require special handling, it requires a full day of my time, just to fix something as simple as an incorrectly numbered runway.

This morning I released the Zurich update for Airport Madness: World Edition, but only to those who own the PC/Mac version.  Once I resolve the bug reports, then I’ll release this update across the other platforms.  Unfortunately, Apple usually requires a week to review such an update, so iOS will be the last to receive the update.

6 thoughts on “Airport Madness: World Edition Update

  1. Jason

    So what do you do if the skip button gets clicked when the update is offered? I had something else pop over the window when it launched and skip got clicked. It doesn’t appear that there is any way to update if you don’t accept it the first time. There should be some sort of check for/force update button.

  2. admin Post author

    My apologies for the difficulties with obtaining game updates. The in-game notification system works for most, but not all. The emails that I send out are received by most, but not all. I really am trying my best to communicate with you, the customer so that you can enjoy these free updates.

    1. Jason

      Okay, so how do I force the game to offer the download again. You offered the option to break out of the box so how do we go back and update after we choose that option.


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