Can’t Reach Us?

I sincerely apologize for issues we’ve had this past week with our support and email system, which silently failed.  The issue has been resolved.  If you’ve tried to reach us lately, please try us one more time at Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Reach Us?

  1. kevin

    Playing Radar Chaos World Edition –LONDON — in the upper right hand corner the computer brings in back to back slow moving aircraft at 8000 feet. There’s no possible way to clear the first entered aircraft before the next one enters. This is a flaw in the system –if it was an ATC situation the person allowing this to happen would be at fault, not the APPROACH director.

  2. Kevin

    Wanted to try one of the free games first, but it kept kicking me over to facebook…thus I will probably not try it nor purchase it as I have several other products


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