Midair Madness: Experiment In Progress

144I’m patiently waiting for Apple to approve our latest mobile game, Midair Madness.  While it typically takes 6 days to get approved by iTunes, it took Google Play approximately 0.14 seconds to approve the Android version of this game.  The Android version has been quietly sitting on their App Store for two days now, waiting for it’s iOS counterpart to be approved, before I start actively promoting them.

I call this an experiment, because I only spent two weeks building Midair Madness.  My last app, Backyard Brat, was also an experiment.  Kind of a failed experiment, actually.  Oh well, that’s how we learn, I guess.  But Midair Madness shows promise.  Family and friends who played the beta version played it for 10 minutes, before putting it down.  Backyard Brat would get handed back to me after only 20 seconds, with a polite, “Nice game!”.  Family and friends always give you a 5-star rating for whatever piece of garbage you create.  But the Real World does not hesitate to give you only one star for your garbage app.

I do hope this game takes off (no pun intended).  If it doesn’t, I’m ok with that.  I’ll keep trying new things, as I endeavor to expand this tiny niche market.  I’m simultaneously working on Airport Madness 2 and 3 for Android, hopefully coming out in early May.  As well, Radar Chaos: World Edition is being developed for all platforms.  I will have another screenshot up by tomorrow for you.

Here’s the official product page for Midair Madness.

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