Production Mode

If it seems quiet around the website, our Facebook page, our blog and Twitter feed lately, it’s because we are focused on the completion of Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition.  Our original goal was June 1 (thankfully we kept that one a secret from you, because we missed it).  In May, I mentioned on Facebook that RCHE would be available July 1, but later deleted the comment.  We have since been keeping the date vague, but promising ‘some time in July’.   We are aiming for the last day in July.

Our sincere apologies for not being quick with the email responses these days.  Of course, we always respond to emails involving issues or complaints immediately.  However, it’s those daily emails that we get from users who have an idea for a game that we should make:  “Hey, you should totally make a game that involves trains.  People love trains!  Can you make that next?”.  I always try to respond to these idea people, since this is where all of our great ideas come from.  However, while we are in production mode, sprinting for the finish line, our email efforts are minimized to that of keeping existing customers happy.

Our dream is to take August off.  However, it will likely be dedicated to resolving bugs, assisting customers with their downloads, and adding critical game features that players feel are missing from Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition.   Not to mention, a new version of Airport Madness in time for Christmas (you will love this one!).  There is no rest for game developers.

Look for news of Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition’s release right here in about two weeks!

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