Radar Chaos on Facebook

I would like to invite everyone to try the Facebook version of Radar Chaos.  Share the app with friends, compare top scores and discuss the app on our discussion board and wall. This version is identical to our single-level demo, no longer time-limited.

Radar Chaos is available on over 100 game portals around the world.  We challenge you to give the full version a try, which includes 10 different levels including ‘beginner’ levels for those not familiar with air traffic control procedures.

Radar Chaos was developed in just four intense months.  We wish to thank our incredible beta testers, most notably Thomas Boon who has been testing with us since Airport Madness 1, and was the developer of our Big Fat Simulations Wiki.  Please keep the game feedback coming!

Stay tuned for an ‘enroute’ version of Radar Chaos, likely in the Spring of 2012!

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