Radar Chaos Progress

Our latest air traffic control game “Radar Chaos” was originally aiming for a release in early March.  Unfortunately, we’ve missed the target.  We are peddling as fast as we can, hoping to get this product out the door by the end of March, or early April.  We should have some more screenshots up in a couple of days.

We have changed the user interface, as can be seen in the image.  Our original goal was to create something simple that did not require the issuance of an approach clearance.  Pilots would intuitively know to intercept any localizer you pointed them at.  Unfortunately this has caused a great deal of problems in some of our more complex levels.  We have scenarios that involve overlapping localizers, as well as areas of high terrain that involve many turns prior to final approach.  Allowing the pilots to exercise intelligence was leading to disaster.

Originally this panel had no CANCEL or SUBMIT buttons.  All the user had to do was mouse away, and the panel would close.  Unfortunately, a couple of beta testers found this to be confusing.  People like to have control over when things close.  So here it is the control panel in it’s final form.  It is very quick and easy to use.  Instructions will explain how to adjust an aircrafts heading, simply by dragging the arrow to a new direction.

We have no doubt that this will be a fun game, however it begs to be separated into two separate projects: a basic maze game, and a simulator.  We will be packaging it as a whole, however.  Radar Chaos will offer a variety of air traffic control challenges, from basic to advanced.

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