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It has been a busy month with the release of Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition. The product has so far done very well. However, it’s not a game for everyone. Those who enjoy it are the ones who truly get the concept, and love the idea of managing a sky that is jammed with thousands of human lives. Some see that as fun, others do not.

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Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition

We try to be as clear as possible about what you are getting for your $15, on each of our product pages. Radar Chaos Hawaii Edition offers several videos, and a free version is in the works for September. We’ve tried to create an enticing ad (above) that will hopefully serve to show people that radar games are cool. They are thinking games that involve many decisions and require the player to remain calm, cool and collected in order to manage the airplanes.

Airport Madness on the other hand, is an “everyone” game. It’s point-and-click. No instructions. Just move airplanes without smashing them. That’s why we remain dedicated to Airport Madness, and keep it at the forefront of our website, with Radar Chaos being the game we offer to hardcore air traffic control junkies who want to know what ‘stress’ really means.

5 thoughts on “Radar Games

  1. John Lim

    I would like to say that Radar Chaos is a very fun game. However, I think the reason that not as many people like it is only partly because them seeing that it is not fun. I think another reason is because they might not have the time to watch the planes move slowly from one of the screen to the other. Airport Madness, on the other hand, allows the user to pass a level in like say 5-10 minutes? That’s maybe why the Airport Madness products are selling better. Just my thoughts.

    1. admin Post author

      I agree with your comments. We now have two different series of games – serious, and fun. We are always testing the waters to see what types of games fit our audience best.

  2. Sander

    I think you now have something created that reality really approached “game”.. And there is need for courage. My compliments! Keep up!

  3. Brad

    R/Chaos Hawaii is brilliant, well done! An Ipad version would be brilliant? Also, will ou be adding a ‘hold pattern’ command?

    Otherwise, great work!

  4. Brian

    A holding pattern command would be a great addition. I just got done playing the north high altitude sector. I had six or seven arrivals for HNL, all converging at MAGGI , all within 15 miles of each other. With the 10 miles in trail needed, that made it rather difficult. I had to repeatedly spin them 180 degrees at a time. I made it work, but a holding command would be awesome! The game is pretty incredible though. Very realistic, and only $15. I’m waiting for the FAA hiring freeze to end so I can start at Kansas City ARTCC. This game will keep me busy in the meantime.


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