Screenshot: Airport Madness World Edition

As the release of Airport Madness: World Edition fast approaches, I’ll try to keep you up-to-date with screenshots, videos, and feature information.  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.  I answer every email that I receive.  For the full-size version of this image, check out the product page.


3 thoughts on “Screenshot: Airport Madness World Edition

  1. Chris

    I just read some old posts and am very curious what AM6 will bring. Not sure what you mean with the proposed options. I understand there will be free additional airports, so i hope you’ll venture around the world for that.

    I liked the mix of military and civil traffic inprevious versions, so i hope this will still be a feature in AM6.

    As for the current teaser, perhaps you will be able to make a second teaser, showing more about the proposed three ‘stages’.

  2. Brad

    Looks great – well done. I think a great additional will be a hold / stack button for when traffic builds up, you can tell the aircraft to hold in a position, allowing you time to clear the airfield? just a thought

  3. Matt James

    Hi, the game is looking great. Would love to see Janet Airlines in the Las Vegas level, maybe could be added in the future as an update?


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