Website Gets New Look

Since its inception four years ago, Big Fat Simulations has maintained the same website graphics, which consisted of a banking Boeing 737 against an orange sunset.  In 2008 we were busy creating our first game, The Simulator.  The website needed to be created quickly.  We found a beautiful image on, sliced it up and uploaded it to the server.  Presto!  A website in just 5 minutes.

An overhaul has been long overdue.  This week we gave the website a new look, which summarizes the spirit of our games.  We’ve got the serious-looking control tower on the left, and the Boeing 747 clumsily taxiing through the web page at the top.  A huge thank you to our artist, Sarah Radford, for her creativity and skill.

In addition to this new background image, we will be gradually overhauling the entire site, including a reorganization of our product line.  In our early days, a simple table on the home page containing all of our games was sufficient.  By the end of 2012 we will have enough products to demand categorization.  The likely categories will be Airport Madness Series, Radar Chaos Series, and More Games.

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