Airport Madness 3 Update

When Airport Madness 3 was developed, we had envisioned a fantastic system of automatic updates which involved using the Adobe AIR installation platform. Unfortunately, a number of users experienced difficulty with installation due to their particular system, and we immediately realised that an alternate .exe file was required for those instances. “Can’t install our game? Here, try our alternate file…”.

Another shortcoming that we experienced with the AIR platform was the inability to incorporate a decent high score board, like the one you see in the free flash version of AM3.

For these reasons, we have abandoned our AIR-based format of AM3 and switched to a simple .exe format. This new format also appears to offer slightly improved framerate performance, as an unexpected bonus.

Unfortunately, this means no automatic updates. Users will have to visit this website occasionally to check for available updates. Updates are always free.

In summary, the changes in this update are:

  • Improved high score board
  • Slightly improved performance
  • Removal of Adobe AIR installation platform

We are planning a future update to Airport Madness 3 that should remove some memory leak issues, as well as add some keyboard shortcuts. Look for this update in about a month.

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