Airport Madness 3D Fan Videos

I get a great number of requests from YouTubers looking for a free copy of our games to play on their channel.  Although it’s a win-win (free advertising for me), I seldom respond to these requests.  Mainly because I’m too busy to research all of these people, to find out whether or not they have a successful YouTube channel, or if they are simply cheapskates trying to get themselves a free game.

I received an email yesterday from Bob and Ryan, two guys with a Twitch video channel who like to drink beer while live streaming their game progress.  It was a very nicely written email, and so without even looking at their YouTube channel, I fired back a reply with a free link to use.   Then, Bob and Ryan sat down with some beers and tried to become master Air Traffic Controllers.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.  These guys are hilarious.  The video has some mild profanity in it, but should be suitable for everyone age 12 and up!

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