Airport Madness 3D Community

Since we began uploading our games to Steam last year, we’ve discovered how superb a platform it really is.  One of the best aspects of it is the Discussions.  We have a discussions page on Steam that is entirely dedicated to Airport Madness 3D, and we invite you to head over there and sign up.  It’s free.  And if you already own this game, I’ll give you a free key for the Steam version.

Read the Steam discussion page here

2 thoughts on “Airport Madness 3D Community

  1. Fred

    I completed the 15 minute time trials several times for all 4 airports but nothing
    shows up on my achievements. I did the Move 100 in all 4 airports and this shows up as it should and also the crash achievements shows up correctly 1, 10, and 25. And the 1st take off and 1st landing shows up correctly. But the time trials which I completed correctly does not show up under my achievements.

  2. Fred

    Another bug. When I click on an airplane to make it “go around” it does show that is is about to “go around” but then switches back to arriving. When I click on “go around” it does it again but on the third try it will stay with “go around”. Please fix this. Thank you.


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