Airport Madness 3D: January 2016 Progress


I’m keeping extremely busy with the upcoming release of Airport Madness 3D.  As you can see in the above image, the airport details are beginning to take shape.  What you cannot see are the spinning propellers and animated fuel trucks, baggage carts, tugs, and moving passenger jetways.  The closer I get to finishing this project, the more excited I get about it.  I hope to show you a teaser video very soon.

Working with Unity3D, our development software, is an absolute dream.  I’m constantly amazed by how easy it is to implement my ideas.  Adding radar screens was a very simple task.  Just yesterday I got an email from somebody asking if it would be possible to add “instant replay”.  After a brief search of the Unity website, I determined that this is a relatively straightforward feature to add.

One thing I’m not sure about at this point are the aircraft I’ve chosen.  These are purchased 3D models (I’m not a 3D modeler), and they were the first thing I found that a) looked good and b) were low poly which means they will play nicely on a slower mobile device.  I’ve created some of my own liveries (can’t use real airlines, unfortunately).  I purchased these vessels nearly a year ago, but I’ve since found better stuff out there.  So at this point, I’m looking for feedback on how the aircraft look.

As for a release date?  I’m always late in delivering, so I’m trying to be somewhat vague.  I suspect this game will be complete by the end of February 2016, so check the product page regularly!

2 thoughts on “Airport Madness 3D: January 2016 Progress

  1. Toni Rauch

    Interested in your comment about ‘…can’t use real airline liveries’.
    Why not? Surely all the FSX etc. commercially available aircraft aren’t subject to having got written permissions from all the airlines depicted, so if that’s the case, what’s the difference with an ATC simulation? (Just curious – wouldn’t like you to get sued over this….!)

    1. admin Post author

      I’m not completely certain. The company that I bought the models from specified that the logos cannot be shown. So either these other companies (such as Microsoft) are either purchasing permission, or not worrying about it.


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