Airport Madness 3D Progress

We are now up to version 1.323 of Airport Madness 3D, with another update coming in early June 2017.  I’ve been extremely busy with this project, and along with my full time ATC job and family, it’s hard to find the time to blog.  I apologize that this place has seemed dead lately.  Like I always say: when it’s quiet, that means I’m working hard.

Actually, I haven’t been than quiet.  I am constantly posting on Twitter, and it’s the best way to get an idea of what’s going on at BFS.  I also post on the Facebook page.  These two communication outlets are easy for me.  I don’t have to think very hard, and don’t have to get all witty for you, as those outlets are geared towards brevity.  Oh, and I don’t need to write any silly HTML code in order to make my posts look pretty.  I will write here from time to time, when I have a rant, or when I have something I want to say.  However, I strongly encourage you all to follow me at the following:



Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming with the next update of Airport Madness 3D.  A little facelift for Kingston, Jamaica.

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