Airport Madness 3D Update 1.10 Available

Airport Madness 3D now has five airports and 15 different aircraft types. We’ve added Vancouver Harbour’s float plane base, plus seven new aircraft including the Concorde! We’ve fixed some minor bugs, including the “random explosions” of aircraft.

Haven’t Purchased?
If you haven’t yet purchased Airport Madness 3D, grab it here! Buy risk-free with our 60-day refund policy.


Already Own It?
Those of you who have purchased this already can update their version by simply downloading the game again from the original link you received after purchase.  If you can’t find your link, or you require assistance, don’t hesitate to email me at

20 thoughts on “Airport Madness 3D Update 1.10 Available

  1. Sydney

    I Have purchased this game. Please send me the update link I have tried to find it in my original download but cant figure out how.

  2. John Bond

    Cant find my original email set up,ink when I first bought this. Please could you re-send so i can update my game.

    Thank you

  3. Anton

    Salve, Madness 3D o già acquistato pero non riesco trovare link originale e quindi non poso aggiornare il gioco,con questo ricevuto sul mail non parte aggiornamento. Cosa faccio,acquisto di nuovo o mi aiutate. Grazie

  4. kostelenski wolfgang

    I can’t find my link, i purchased airport madness 3 d, i´ve the first Version……….best regards

  5. Mehdi Farr

    I bought Airport Maddens awhile back and no longer have the link sent to me. Please resend the link again so that I can update my game.

    Many thanks

    Best regards

  6. James K. Oliver

    I don’t have a “download” link to utilize for updates. Can you provide instruction on how I would obtain one?

  7. admin Post author

    Hi, everybody. I sincerely apologize for not responding better. I type what’s on my mind, then move on. My attention is divided across email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Steam Community, and the newsletter. Sometimes I forget that I ever wrote a blog post.

    For those of you needing a download link for the update, please send me an email at I’ll respond quickly with your link. This will not be an ongoing problem. I am adding better in-game notification in the very near future.


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