Airport Madness Roadmap

The first version of the Airport Madness series was released just over two years ago – December 29, 2008.  It was our first non-radar air traffic control game, and quickly became popular on many game portals.  On June 1, 2009 we launched Airport Madness 2, which offered players two airports instead of one, plus an improved control panel. It was a dramatic improvement over the first version, and made it onto Facebook a few months later.  Airport Madness 3 arrived on June 30, 2010, offering a much larger resolution, new airports, improved graphics, pilot voices, additional aircraft commands, and lastly, emergencies.

I have blogged very little regarding Airport Madness 4.  AM4 was intended to offer “3D rendering”, which would give players a visual perspective from the control tower,  instead of playing the game while looking down at the airport from outer space.  While this is a very cool idea, it’s an entirely different concept from the rest of the Airport Madness series.  The 3D concept deserves a separate entity.  “Tower Madness” is in the works for 2011, following the release of AM4.

AM4 will be a dramatic improvement over AM3, offering all of the special items that didn’t make it into AM3,  including a much broader choice of airports.  Perhaps the most common request that we receive is for additional airports and levels.  Here is a list of proposed improvements we hope to offer in Airport Madness 4:

  • 6 different airports
  • Vectoring
  • Radar
  • Military, helicopter, and float plane traffic
  • Additional weather phenomena
  • More emergencies
  • Bird activity
We do not offer a release date as this tends to be a difficult thing to predict, and it often becomes an unfulfilled promise.  However, our goal is the Summer of 2011.

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