Airport Madness: World Edition is Here

Big Fat Simulations proudly offers you Airport Madness: World Edition. After nearly a year in the making, the sixth game in the Airport Madness series includes new features, such as assignable arrival and departure runways, different game modes, human pilot voices, and radar. We’ve added a player efficiency meter, to show controllers how well they are performing. We’ve also added an amazing music soundtrack that can be optionally muted. Airport Madness: World Edition releases with just five airports. However, free bi-monthly game updates will offer players new airfields on a regular basis. Las Vegas San Francisco Vancouver New York JFK Honolulu Anchorage, Alaska (by Christmas) 6 More airports coming in 2015!

Download it here!

6 thoughts on “Airport Madness: World Edition is Here

  1. Anonymous

    Because there is no free version of Airport Madness World Edition, I searched for videos of it on Youtube and found a couple videos of it, and was a bit disappointed to find out that there are a couple things that the teaser had that the actual game did not:

    – It seems that there is no Boeing 757 on the actual game, whereas there are one or two of them on the Las Vegas teaser (titled Teaser: Airport Madness World Edition)
    – I also noticed that there are only about a dozen (give or take) flight numbers available on AM6, such as 166, 227, 665, 804, etc. to name a few. On the teasers (and also AM4) they seemed to be completely random instead of a selection from just a few options like on the real deal.

    I would like to know why this is case (maybe the game does not have enough capacity to support Boeing 757s or random flight numbers from 100 – 999??) as I am a bit disappointed that the teasers have more than the actual thing. I enjoy having variety in these games. However, if I know the reason for this I can see from your perspective why it needs to be this way.

    – A Possible Buyer

    P. S. Here is one of the Youtube videos I saw:

    P. P. S. I know you’re probably busy right now having just released AM6, and this probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. This is more of a question than a request: Were you ever planning on adding new years to Airport Madness Time Machine? I think you said something like that in a post a while back but the only update to AM5 was the one that added different music for each era.

    1. admin Post author

      I’ll add the Boeing 757. This was an oversight. As for the flight numbers, these should be random. I’ll double check the code.

      As for Time Machine, we have artwork for more years. However, the game did not receive a great deal of interest, and the amount of work I’d need to do will slow the development of our 3D game. I’d really like to focus on that, I think that’s were we need to be. AMTM isn’t dead in the water, but we have no ETA for future years at the moment.

  2. av8nut

    This new World Edition looks great on the video. I’ve always wanted an “airport madness” based on real life airports. However, when I tried to try it out on the free version, it redirected me to Facebook, and gave me a cut off screen. I’m not one for social media (that’s another story), but do I have to sign up for Facebook to play the free version? Is there a specific setting I need to have for my computer to eliminate the cut off screen? Thanks.


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