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162-100Airport Madness: Time Machine has just passed the 3.5 star rating on, one of the leading free flash game portals on the web.  Gotta savor the small victories in life!

Is 3.5 stars any good?  Kongregate says “4.0” is the magic number.  Once you break 4.0, you are something truly special.  A 3.5 is good enough to get you featured in their Top Games section (although I didn’t see mine there – sad face).  Hopefully achieving this benchmark will get the free version of this game found by portal owners.  Fingers crossed as usual, for a viral flash game.

We launched AMTM for iPad last week, and so far it’s done well.  5 star average (although that’s from only 4 votes 🙂 ). The free version will be in the app store some time next week, hopefully.

I have high hopes for this game, as I do for all of my releases.  And believe it or not, the creative juices are already flowing for our next version – Airport Madness: World Edition.  Start pelting me with your favorite real-world airport suggestions, please.

19 thoughts on “AMTM Ratings and Reviews

  1. John

    I have to agree with you. Excellent Job with the Time machine. I’m already hooked, although I can’t buy the game since I do not have a credit card, or pay pal account, 🙁
    However, I’m playing the free version thoroughly now. Thanks for making a great game!

  2. Justin

    You should make Honolulu Intl. if possible. That would be really awesome.

    Great job with AMTM. It is really cool, although there are no military aircraft in the free version 🙁

  3. luke

    Chicago O’Hare international, Toronto Pearson international (default airport), Tokyo International Airport, Frankfurt Airport

      1. luke

        I would like my home town airport too please Halifax Stanfield international because planes that land on runway 5 have to taxi towards landing traffic on runway 14 and take offs on that runway have to taxi towards landing traffic as well, It may only have 2 runways but it is 10 times harder than it looks

  4. Matthew Good

    Regarding your World Airports idea, obviously, being from Britain, I am bias and would like Heathrow or, if you are going historical like the current game, perhaps Croydon. Another one that might be interesting is the old Hong Kong airport – I forget the name – where the runway jutted out into the sea and I gather landing could be a bit dicy!

  5. Justin

    I like Newark Liberty Airport. Although it’s not as famous as JFK or Heathrow, it is unique. It has 2 parallel runways which are used (arriving airplanes need to cross the active takeoff runway to get to the terminals). One for takeoff, and one for landing. I don’t know how it would be incorporated into the game, but it would be a different kind of action.

  6. Niels

    I think the EHAM (Schiphol) airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands would be great!
    It offers 6 runways, and a great amount of information can be found.

    18R/36L (Both t/o & landing) called the “Polderbaan” which is 3800m/12467ft long.
    06/24 (Both t/o & landing) called the “Kaagbaan” which is 3500m/11483ft long.
    09/27 (Both t/o & landing) called the “Buitenveldertbaan” which is 3453m/11329ft long.
    18L/36R (Both t/o & landing) called the “Aalsmeerbaan” which is 3400m/11155ft long.
    18C/36C (Both t/o & landing) called the “Zwanenburgbaan” which is 3300m/10826ft long.
    04/22 (Both t/o & landing) called the “Oostbaan” which is 2014m/6608ft long.

    The 04/22 runway is out of service from 11pm till 6am for regular use.
    It is also used as an approach route for the 24 runway to avoid noise pollution at Amsterdam.

    I’d like to see this airport if possible 😉 It has great opportunities!

  7. Wan

    Glad to hear working on new AM WE.. I would like see day and night.. Oh how beautiful to see the world airport lit up at night as well lights from the planes of course. Lights from nearby city would be superb. Bring back the weather, rain, snow as in AM4

  8. xara

    I just purchased time machine but i was wondering if I can enable full screen in PC game?
    Any info will be helpful thanks. Great game

  9. Mike Evans

    What is the current version of AMTM? This website has a lot to be desired when trying to find if an update for the game or other info has been released.

    My current version is 1.11 and it is buggy for me. Planes going into holding patterns after take off and not being able to adjust the traffic rate and other settings.

    Just want to see if an update has been released so I can play it again and not feel like I wasted $14. Otherwise it is a great game. I have all of the others.

  10. JR

    What do you think about an idea that player could decide what runway a departing plane would use. It would make the game more realistic.

  11. Nick Watson

    I played RadarChaos, AM3 & 4 at a friend’s house and decided to buy AM:TM for myself.
    I completed all the levels in less than 48 hours but I have hardly touched it since, except to send in a few bug reports.
    It seems that just as I’m getting into a level, it ends; the continuous play option lacks the required tension when the number of crashes no longer matters.

    So, I’m sticking to RC & AM3/4 until AM:WE arrives – sorry.

  12. Mike Evans


    Like the game but, why can’t the traffic rate and the complexity level be changed? I’ve played with the traffic rate dial and it doesn’t do a darn thing. I’ve got planes coming left and right and it gets crazy at times.
    Also I’ve had planes on takeoff go into a holding pattern and really screw things up. I also don’t get the 1802/2168 eras at all. I’m in 1932 and nothing.

    Really would like to enjoy this like the others, but I only play occasionally now because of the bugs.

    What is the current version? I have v1.11.

  13. Daimos

    Hi, Time Machine is amazing game i love it, but where is update? On 1970y i have message that telling me, there will be more in next free update. I have bought this game, dont have any update notifications, v.1.11 is last version? I know, there is another era, but 1925-1970 its a best game mode (dont like retro and future concept) so i hope there will be new year.

    Sory for my english, and thx for response in advance


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