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amtm_ios_iconI am pleased to offer you Airport Madness: Time Machine for iPad.  This will be coming to Android devices soon, hopefully.  One thing I’ve learned about mobile game development – make everything huge, especially buttons.  This game doesn’t fit on smaller devices, such as the iPhone, unfortunately.  The game has a lot of tiny details, and after testing it thoroughly on an iPhone 5, I just couldn’t bring myself to sell that to customers. This game does, however, look stunning on all versions of iPad.

One tricky thing about selling on different markets is choosing a price.   I remember paying $30 – $40 for a decent PC game 10 years ago.  Nowadays, it’s hard to charge over $10.  And on the app store, you are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of games, all just 99 cents – or even free.  So how do I choose my prices?  I sell niche games.  There are not a great deal of ATC apps out there.  They are difficult to sell, as not everyone has an interest in aviation.  So I generally charge a bit more than one might expect to pay for a basic game.  Obviously, it needs to be worth my time to make these apps or I would have stopped long ago.  AMTM was one year of development, roughly 700 hours of coding, plus the cost of art, music, software and a decent web server.

I owe my loyal customers a huge thank you for their continued interest and support over these past five years.  I hope to keep doing this!


5 thoughts on “AMTM for iOS

  1. sw

    I love AMTM. Nice job on the updates the game is really fun to play now. Maybe you could add some more years that include the A-380, just a thought.
    Anyway thats for the games these past years.


  2. John

    I was rather disappointed the other day looking through the Play store that there is no airport madness there – at least not the real thing. For someone such as me, who loves playing airport madness on PC but doesn’t have anything beginning with an ‘i’ this doesn’t make sense. The app for iPod/Phone would work perfectly on android devices but it just isn’t there. Please convert your mobile game to android as well, as we are all missing out.


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