New Radar Game Planned for PC and Mac

We are pleased to announce that we have a new air traffic control game in the works.  It is a radar-based game, aptly named Radar Chaos.

You may be wondering, “Why another ATC game?”. Unlike the Airport Madness series, radar games provide special challenges. Just as in real life, there is a greater degree of 3-dimensional visualization when dealing with a radar scenario. It’s a completely different job than being a tower controller, in which runways and taxiways are managed. A typical radar controller manages an airspace, which can sometimes be hundreds of miles long, and covers the “enroute” side of things.

Some of you may have tried our air traffic control simulator. Despite it’s bargain price tag of just $5.95, most gamers seem to shy away from this application, as it is extremely complex and resides well outside the games category. How is somebody who is new to ATC supposed to grasp a command like, “Maintain one six thousand, leaving eight thousand turn right direct SURFN, flight planned route.”? We get occasional emails from real world controllers who tell us that the app is spot on. Now we’d like to make it a game that is playable for everyone.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ah, another sweet game! When can we be expecting it to be release? and will it be free? What price if not? 😀


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