Progress Report 2: Radar Chaos: World Edition

For the past three weeks, I’ve seen nothing except radar screens, and radar code. The most frustrating thing about this upcoming game is how much I enjoy playing it. Officially, it’s ‘testing’, but I’ve always loved ATC games and tend to get caught up in the radar scenarios.  I think this is going to be a fun game for everyone!


The above image is Hong Kong.  Lots of terrain in this sector, and all traffic funnels into a single approach path. I should remind everyone about something I mentioned in an earlier blog: RCWE takes a step backward from ‘realism’, in that there are no pilot voices, nor are the SIDs and STARs off the real-world charts.  This game is designed from the ground-up to be fun, with plenty of midair conflict points.


The above image is Los Angeles.  Plenty of traps in this sector!  Too many airplanes jammed into too small an airspace.  Fun!


Above is London, which offers a ‘parallel’ operation.  You can have aircraft on ILS approaches side-by-side if you like!  This enables us to move lots and lots of traffic.


Rio de Janeiro is depicted above.  Please note that all maps are based on real-world charts and highly accurate.  In this sector, there is only one lie, in that we decided it needed some restricted airspace to the southwest, just to mess with you even more.


Las Vegas above.  Not sure if this sector is as fun as being in the city of Las Vegas itself, but guaranteed not to put you to sleep.  Plenty of terrain to watch out for here.  Radar Chaos: World Edition will be available May 31, 2014, on all platforms!

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