7 thoughts on “Radar Chaos: World Edition Releases this Thursday!

  1. Jeff Mangas

    Have really been enjoying Radar Chaos World Edition. One feature I miss from the Hawaii Edition is the ability to fast forward the game. Any chance of getting that feature added back in?

  2. legoboyvdlp

    When will the free version come out? I don’t have a credit card yet, so I can’t buy it 🙁

  3. Nick Watson

    I bought this version – I am only just getting into it but it seems to be a lot of fun.
    However, I have a “problem” with the Rio De Janeiro scenario – to be exact, the area marked as “Restricted below 10,000”. Every aircraft i vector into this area get shot down, regardless of it’s altitude !!!
    I have tried everything, so far, from 2 to 14,000 ft.
    As this area includes an “exit”, I am assuming that this is a bug?

    On a slightly different topic – I posted a fair few bug reports for AM:TM in the first 48 hours after purchase, (enough that I hardly ever look at the icon any more, let alone play it) and so far there is no sign of the promised version update … ??


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