5 thoughts on “Promo Video: Radar Chaos World Edition

  1. Marius Contras

    Hi. I just bought the game and I must say I am really disappointed by the fact that it requires Adobe Air. I know the previous games I bought from you (the Mac Version) were mere swf’s which I could run in a browser (Firefox) window. If you have a swf “encapsulated” version of this game, would you be so kind as to send it to me, please, I had nothing but trouble with Air in the past and I don’t want to install it again.
    I don’t need to post scores online, or share on Facebook, in fact, I don’t need any online interaction at all, I am perfectly happy to play “single player”. Anyway, I am really impressed by your work, keep it up!
    Thank you very much.

    P.S. Even Java would be better than Air !

    1. John Sanders (Customer Support Director)

      Adobe air may not be cutting edge, but it still works for him.

      Dad went to a gamer’s conference a couple years ago and met Notch. He had the best advice to offer: “It doesn’t matter if the game is made on software that isn’t cutting edge. All that matters is that it is decent enough. You don’t want to make the world’s best Italian restaurant, you just want to make it good enough.”

      And he listened to the advice.

      Adobe may not be cutting edge, but it still works for my dad. So, I see no reason for him to switch over.

      P.S: AMWE is projected to be released in November.

  2. oravis

    I think diffrent planes should be added. also airport like JFK, LAX, and MIA.
    thanks and keep up the good work, i love Airport Madness

  3. Rangel

    I just bought Radar Chaos World Edition and I’m still learning from it, but really enjoying.

    Even beeing a new user I already have a request: there should be a feature to allow user to save an active game, so you’ll be able to shut down your computer and restart the game from last point.

    As I said I’m a new user so excuse me if such feature already exists and I just don’t know.



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