Radar Chaos Progress

Radar Chaos is progressing well, with an anticipated released date of April 10, 2011.  This radar-based game will have ten levels in total, and will retail for $14.99.  There will be a ‘lite’ version that includes two maze levels on a smaller resolution, as well as a ‘demo’ version that gives you a time-limited taste of one of the realistic levels.  The lite version will be available on Facebook as well as flash game portals everywhere.

The first four levels are designed with the beginner in mind.  They are not easy, but the concept is straightforward for everyone.  The next three levels are realistic, involving vectoring and sequencing of arrivals.  The last three levels are realistic to the extent of radar procedures, but have unusual features such as deep mountain valleys, volcanic islands, and restricted airspace (I highly recommend you avoid ‘Area 51’ on level 9).

You may wonder why this particular game costs more than Airport Madness 3 and the others. Radar Chaos delivers to a slightly smaller niche market of aviation enthusiasts and individuals who have an interest in radar.

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